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Best Sports Betting Sites In India

In India’s booming online gambling market, players often look for a reliable site that offers a wide range of features and rewards. But now, you no longer need to search further because we’ve compiled a list of the top sportsbook and casino websites for our online sports betting fans in India. We’ve curated a list of reputable websites with a wide selection of games, generous bonuses, and adaptable payment options given top priority in our recommendations.

Furthermore, these suggested websites for sports betting in India – GullyBet understand how important it is to accommodate Indian gamers by providing convenient payment options and localized assistance. Promotions and bonuses accentuate the offer and give players more value for their money.

Top 10 Sports Betting Sites In India Of 2024

We at sportbettingonline consider our audience a top priority, and we prefer to serve them with the best sports betting website. Let’s discuss these topmost sports betting sites in India for online sports betting in 2024:

gully bet

Gullybet, a renowned online sports betting site, is one of the leading sites in India, providing players with a beautiful range of games to play and offering exclusive promotional bonuses and rewards. Not just that, Gullybet offers exciting welcome bonuses and many more options to earn from online betting games. This makes it one of the best sites for online betting in India.
Furthermore, Gullybet is an authorized platform, well-known for its ongoing innovation and improvement, guaranteeing its clients an uninterrupted gaming experience. Their mobile slot games promise hours of pleasure with the best games and an extensive betting system to cater to every player's tastes.


  • Exclusive Promotions: Gullybet provides users with alluring promotional incentives and awards.
  • Beautiful Game Selection: Offers a wide selection of games to suit different tastes.
  • Approved Platform: Guaranteeing a safe and secure playing experience.


  • Limited Information: More clarification regarding Gullybet’s licensure, audits, and security procedures may be needed.
  • Terms of the Welcome Bonus: To prevent any surprises, it is imperative to fully comprehend the terms and circumstances pertaining to the welcome incentives.

In the world of betting sites in India, Bet365 is also among the list of well-known sites for sports betting in India. Offering a vast array of betting markets, their move to the internet revolutionized the firm. This site has consistently been at the forefront of the competition for the online betting market. Bet365 offers players an extensive choice of markets, competitive odds, and a flawless playing experience. It additionally provides a simple user interface and options for sports betting in India. For those looking for a reliable website that regularly provides casino and online sports betting services, Bet365 may be an excellent option.


  • Broad Selection of Betting Markets: Bet365 gives players a huge selection of betting markets to choose from when it comes to sports betting.
  • Competitive Odds: Players’ potential returns are increased by the platform’s competitive odds.


  • Strict Account Verification: Compared to other platforms, Bet365’s account verification procedure may seem more onerous to certain consumers.
  • Limited Casino Options: Although Bet365 has casino games, it mainly emphasizes sports betting. Thus, the selection of casino games may be limited.

For those who enjoy playing online slots, PARI Match is a top choice because it seamlessly combines technology and unmatched entertainment. Players may enjoy an immersive experience with a strong reputation based on openness and trust. PARI Match regularly conducts audits and has extensive licenses to guarantee a safe gaming environment. The platform goes above and beyond to provide players with significant advantages, including continuing promotions and large welcome offers, significantly enhancing the value of their gaming activities.


  • Strong Reputation: The platform enjoys a solid reputation thanks to its frequent audits, transparency, and dependability, guaranteeing a secure gaming environment.
  • Important Benefits: PARI Match offers players generous welcome bonuses and regular promotions, which raises the overall worth of gaming activities.


  • Restricted Sports Betting: Compared to dedicated sportsbook systems, PARI Match may provide fewer sports betting possibilities because of its greater emphasis on casino games.
  • Strict License Verification: The rigorous license verification procedure could take a while for certain gamers.

One unique feature of 1xBet is its extensive and dynamic online gaming platform, which meets the needs of gamers worldwide. Sports fans may enjoy exciting live betting experiences at 1xBet, well-known for its large sportsbook and unmatched collection of sporting events. Beyond Online Sports betting, the site offers an extensive casino, including slots, live dealer options, etc. Its commitment to client satisfaction through huge bonuses, regular promotions, and an easy-to-use interface is a well-liked player choice.


  • Massive Bonuses and Promotions: The platform is renowned for its generous bonuses, frequent sales events, and dedication to client pleasure.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Players may navigate 1xBet with ease thanks to its user-friendly interface.


  • Complex Bonus Terms: Some customers could find the bonus terms and conditions complicated, requiring further examination.
  • Country limits: Players must confirm their eligibility before registering, as 1xBet may have limits in some countries.

With attractive sign-up bonuses and frequent promotions that improve your gaming, MarathonBet welcomes you regardless of your skill level. One thing that sets MarathonBet apart is its commitment to accepting different payment methods, especially ones that Indian players like. With various payment options, including traditional and contemporary e-wallets, bank transfers, and credit cards, MarathonBet promises simple and convenient transactions.


  • Alluring Sign-Up Bonuses: To improve the gaming experience, MarathonBet greets players with alluring sign-up bonuses and regular promotions.
  • Variety of Payment Methods: Users are guaranteed flexibility as the platform is dedicated to taking a variety of payment methods, including those favored by Indian gamers.


  • Restricted Game Selection: MarathonBet’s casino game selection may be rather limited, and the company may emphasize traditional sports betting more.
  • Bonus Wagering Requirements: Players should carefully check the wagering requirements related to bonuses to prevent confusion.

The stake has an excellent reputation and offers a transparent and safe atmosphere, so you can be sure that your gaming experience will be amazing. Recognizing the need for adaptability, Stake provides a wide array of Indian-specific payment options to ensure smooth transactions. The variety of games available, including slots, traditional casino games, and captivating live dealer interactions to create an unequaled entertainment hub, makes this place appealing. Regardless of expertise, Stake is your gateway to an endless universe of wealth, unparalleled thrills, and chances.


  • Flexible Payment alternatives: Stake understands that players need to be flexible. Thus, it offers many Indian-specific payment alternatives to ensure that transactions run smoothly.
  • Exciting Promotions: Stake frequently runs promotions that boost the excitement of gaming sessions and give players extra advantages.


  • Restricted Sports Betting: Stake’s sports betting possibilities may be more limited than those of dedicated sportsbook platforms because its primary concentration is on casino games.
  • Restricted Country Access: Players should confirm their eligibility before registering since access to Stake may be restricted in some countries.

Offering a thorough and engaging gaming experience, IndiBet is a top online gambling destination for Indian gamers. Known for its unwavering dedication to quality, IndiBet has established a superb name in the market by offering players a safe and reliable platform. IndiBet guarantees players a top-notch gaming experience with various casino games, from modern slots to beloved classics, and a comprehensive sportsbook covering numerous events. As a shining example of excellent online gambling, IndiBet combines excitement, dependability, and a broad range of gaming alternatives to satisfy the discriminating tastes of the Indian gaming community.


  • Extensive Game Selection: The platform provides many casino games, including beloved classics and contemporary slots, and an extensive sportsbook covering several events.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Players may easily use IndiBet thanks to its user-friendly interface.


  • Limited Information Lucidity: There may be a need for greater clarity regarding the specifics of the licensing, audits, and security procedures on the IndiBet platform.
  • Bonus Terms Understanding: To guarantee a positive gaming experience, players should thoroughly read the terms and conditions of bonuses.

Rajabets is a well-known online casino created for Indian gamers seeking the most excellent possible gaming environment. With a strong reliability and confidence track record, Rajabets is regularly audited and adheres to stringent licensing requirements to provide a fair and secure workplace. Along with its dedication to security, Rajabets offers enticing incentives that make your gaming experience even more enjoyable. These incentives include big welcome bonuses, regular promotions, the opportunity to win extra money, and interesting benefits. The platform provides flexible payment alternatives to guarantee seamless transactions and cater to many customers.


  • Frequent Audits and Licensing: The platform offers players a safe and equitable work environment since it undergoes frequent audits and complies with strict licensing regulations.
  • Alluring Incentives: Rajabets enhances the gaming experience by providing alluring incentives, including large welcome bonuses, frequent promotions, and chances to win extra cash.


  • Limited Information Openness: More information regarding Rajabets’ security protocols and audits may be needed for full openness.
  • Bonus Wagering Requirements: Players should carefully check the wagering requirements related to bonuses to prevent confusion.

Indian bettors looking for a fun and lucrative sports betting environment have 22Bet as a terrific alternative. Many licenses and frequent audits support the well-known and trustworthy online gambling provider 22Bet, which provides players with a safe and fair environment. It is a shining example of honesty in the business. Your gameplay will reach new heights as a whirlwind of advantages approaches you. To provide its players with the greatest possible experience, 22Bet offers enticing welcome bonuses and a never-ending stream of promotions that liven up your gaming sessions.


  • Enjoyable and Profitable Environment: With several licenses and regular audits, 22Bet offers Indian bettors a profitable and enjoyable sports betting environment.
  • Safe and Fair Gaming: A reliable online gambling experience is guaranteed by the platform, which is renowned for its safety and fairness.


  • Country limits: Before registering, players should confirm their eligibility since some geographical limits may exist.
  • Complex Terms: Bonus and promotion terms and conditions might be complicated, so it’s important to read them carefully to ensure there are no misconceptions.

Being one of the best online gambling sites created particularly for Indian players, 10CRIC stands out for offering an unrivaled online experience. What truly sets 10CRIC out from the competition is its extensive selection of games, including a wide selection of casino games and a comprehensive sportsbook covering a wide range of athletic events. Whether you like modern slots, classic table games, or live dealer experiences, 10CRIC has something to offer everyone. Upgrade your online gaming experience to take advantage of an unmatched gaming atmosphere created by various games, payment choices, promotions, and trust.


  • Customized for Indian gamers: 10CRIC offers an online gaming experience that is specifically suited to the tastes of Indian gamers.
  • Broad Game Selection: The site offers various casino games and a comprehensive sportsbook to satisfy players’ gaming preferences.


  • Limited Global Focus: Compared to various foreign platforms, 10CRIC may appeal to a global audience less than others, even though it is perfect for Indian players.
  • Bonus Wagering Requirements: Players should thoroughly check the wagering requirements related to bonuses to avoid misunderstandings.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal In India?

In India, there are no federal regulations prohibiting internet betting. The desire to enact legislation about internet betting is up to each state. Furthermore, just a few Indian states now have legislation prohibiting internet betting. To respond accurately to your query, we have partnered with leading authorities on gambling law in India. It is necessary to clarify the legality of online fantasy sports betting sites in India.


Under the Public Gambling Act of 1867, gambling was first outlawed in India during the colonial era. However, because it was written many years before the Internet was created, it omits any online gambling discussion. Therefore, in light of the Internet’s advent, the Indian government has let states make their gambling laws as per the constitution of India. For example, games of skill are allowed in Maharashtra while games of luck are not; the same is true in Karnataka and many other states. Additionally, the state government of Sikkim is thinking about legalizing internet gambling.

How To Always Win In Sports Betting?

Here are some significant aspects that can help you win big in sports betting online:

Research Is Your Friend: Analyze the Market

Regarding sports betting platforms, information is power: research players, teams, and recent performance patterns in great detail. Keep up with injuries, team chemistry, and outside variables that might affect the result. Gaining market knowledge can help you make more educated decisions and raise your chances of success.

Set Yourself Limits: Budgeting

Setting up a budget is an essential part of discipline, which is required for profitable sports betting. Determine how much you are willing to risk to set clear financial boundaries for yourself. Maintaining your spending limit and resisting the need to pursue losses can help you ensure that live sports betting is an enjoyable and long-lasting pastime.

Understanding Odds: Familiarize Yourself

It's critical to understand how odds operate before putting any bets. The odds represent the chance of a particular result occurring. Learn about many forms, including moneyline, decimal, and fractional odds. This knowledge will enable you to compute possible profits and make wiser wagers.

Specialize: Focus On One Sport

Although diversity has benefits, focusing on one sport can significantly increase your chances of success. Gain a thorough grasp of the teams, player dynamics, and regulations of the sport you select. Your ability to identify value chances that more broad bettors might miss is enhanced by specialization.

Betting Strategy: Focus On Specific Bet Types

Developing a thoughtful betting strategy is essential. Instead of distributing your bets throughout several marketplaces, concentrate on particular bet kinds that correspond with your areas of expertise. Whether you're betting on props, over/under, or money line bets, a focused strategy can help you hone your abilities and raise your winning percentage.

Keep Emotions In Check: Stay Objective

Emotions have the power to impair reason and cause rash actions. To be a successful sports bettor, one must remain calm and impartial. Remove feelings from your wagering choices, whether it's your favorite team competing or a possible fortune at stake. Remaining composed and logical will help you make more calculated and eventually profitable bets.

Find The Best Odds: Look Around

For a certain event, not all bookmakers have the same odds. Make sure you're receiving the most value for your bets by shopping around and comparing the odds offered by different bookies. Even slight variations in odds over time affect your total earnings.


How Do Betting Odds Work?

Numbers that express the likelihood of a specific result are called betting odds. When it comes to fractional odds, the needed stake is shown by the second number, which reflects the possible reward. Stake and payment total combined are represented by decimal odds. Moneyline odds employ positive and negative numbers, where the positive number signifies the possible profit on a ₹10000 wager, and the negative number indicates the amount required to win ₹10000. Bettors can evaluate odds and make wise selections regarding sports betting if they understand various formats.

Types of Sports Betting Bonuses

There are many kinds of Online Sports betting bonuses aimed at improving your wagering experience and raising your profits. Typical sports betting bonus types include the following:

Wager Bonus

Boost your enthusiasm by taking advantage of this lucrative bonus that makes betting more enjoyable. This bonus ups the excitement factor of your bets by allowing you to win more money subject to certain wagering requirements. As you participate in clever and best online sports betting bonuses, take on the challenge and observe your prospective winnings increase.

Express Bet of the Day

This is the go-to bonus if you're looking for a daily rush of excitement. Selected by professionals, this bonus highlights a particular wager with better odds, ensuring higher payouts on your winning bets. Keep an eye out for fresh opportunities to profit from favorable odds and enhance the enjoyment of your betting experience every day.


The Comboboost bonus will increase your level of enthusiasm. This function increases the chances of combo bets, increasing your earnings. When you place numerous selections on a single wager slip, you may take advantage of increased odds that can significantly increase your winnings. Accept Comboboost's adaptability, where your chances of winning increase with the number of components you add to your combination.


With the Freebet bonus, enjoy the excitement without taking a chance. You may make a wager utilizing this alluring offer without using any of your own money. You keep the money if your Freebet wager is profitable. It's an excellent method to support your preferred team or experiment with different betting tactics without spending money.

No Risk: How Does It Work?

The No Risk Freebet ups the ante on excitement by providing a risk-free bet. You will receive your money back if your bet is unsuccessful and experience the excitement of sports betting without worrying about possible losses.

AllWin: How Does It Work?

If your wager succeeds, the AllWin Freebet returns both your stake and earnings, guaranteeing a win. It’s a win-win scenario that gives you more assurance when you wager on the selected events.

OnlyWin: How Does It Work?

If your wager wins, the OnlyWin Freebet guarantees you will get the rewards. Your original investment is not deducted, so you can enjoy the sheer delight of winning without deductions.

Bet Insurance

With Bet Insurance, you may lessen the effects of losses. You may utilize this bonus to safeguard a portion of your money if something goes wrong with your wager. It's a helpful tool to lower risks and ensure your sports betting experience is enjoyable in unforeseen situations.


Take advantage of the Cashback incentive to have a safety net for your sporting wagers. This bonus covers a portion of your losses if fortune is not on your side, giving your bankroll a nice cushion. Cashback guarantees you can recover and go on your journey with the best sports betting sites in India and a fresh sense of confidence, even on the most challenging days.


Frequently Asked Questions

A list of Best Sports betting sites in India is proud to offer many enticing incentives and promotions. They are meant to improve your betting experience. You may expect many benefits. They range from big welcome bonuses for new customers. They include ongoing promotions for loyal players. These include deposit matches, free bets, and special offers for important athletic events. Make sure to visit the promos area often to see what’s new.

A simple method intended for your convenience is depositing money into your Sports Betting Online account. According to your choices, the site usually accepts several different payment ways. Good bettors do a lot of research. They also manage their money well. And they base decisions on sports and stats. Betting on sports can work, but knowing the risks is crucial. See it as fun, not a sure way to make money

Determining the best betting site in India is subjective and depends on individual preferences. But Online Sports betting stands out. It has an easy-to-use interface and covers many sports. It also offers good odds and many betting options. It has a reputation for reliability. It also provides a range of exciting promotions. That’s why it’s a top choice for many bettors. The “best” site may vary based on your needs. So, explore different platforms and consider things like bonuses and support.

It may be successful if a person approaches sports betting with strategy, dedication, and understanding. Effective bettors conduct extensive research, responsibly manage their bankrolls, and base their decisions on sports and statistics analyses. Sports betting may be successful, but knowing the risks and viewing it as an enjoyable activity rather than a definite means to make money is crucial.

Depending on the nation, different internet betting laws apply. Many countries, including India, accept online sports betting. It is legal as long as you use trustworthy, authorized sites. To wager, you must be aware of the local regulations. They govern online gambling in your region. Use only regulated and approved websites. They will protect your interests. They will provide a fun, smart, and safe betting experience.

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